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American Arbitration Association
"Cheap-Stock" Valuation Applicable for Options
Dispute Resolution
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American Arbitration Association Dispute Resolution panelist
  • William C. Dietrich served on a three-person arbitration panel to resolve a dispute over claimed breach of contract due to a refusal to execute the final documents of a million-dollar purchase and sale of rights to a writer’s share of royalty income from written compositions. 
  • William C. Dietrich served on a three-person arbitration panel to resolve a contract dispute over million-dollar losses, which occurred during 2008, resulting from a private limited partnership investment involving leveraged municipal bonds.
“Cheap-Stock” Valuation Applicable for Options
  • Valuation of an Internet company engaged in the design, development, and sale of enterprise application software and services that provide creation and support of large-scale e-commerce platforms on an outsourced basis. This application service provider (ASP) sells its services to companies involved in business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions over the Internet. The SEC accepted Rubicon's report without question when this company filed for an initial public offering.

  • Valuation of a software company engaged in the design, development and distribution of enterprise application software, which enables corporate information to be delivered over intranets, extranets and the Internet. The SEC accepted Rubicon's report without question when this company filed for an initial public offering.
Dispute Resolution
  • For the purpose of a divorce settlement agreement, Rubicon was one of two appraisers that provided equity valuation reports to attorneys representing two equal interests in a private California commercial-stage biotechnology company.

  • Valuation of a San Francisco product development consulting firm that provides services in the areas of industrial design and mechanical engineering and that sells its services to companies in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, and medical device industries. For purposes of dispute resolution involving a minority buy-out transaction, Rubicon identified the appropriate premise and range of value at which company principals may begin negotiations for this transaction. For this valuation, Rubicon alone was engaged, instead of the typical arrangement of utilizing three appraisers.

  • Rubicon provided the valuation for a Texas computational software company's dispute resolution process. As the final of three appraisers engaged, Rubicon identified a redemption value for redeemable preferred shares based on the equity value of this company in conjunction with agreements allocating liquidation and preference values to the preferred shares.
Equity Valuations
  • Valuation of a San Francisco Bay Area company engaged in the manufacture and sale of ultra-high resistivity silicon epitaxial wafers for semiconductor manufacturers. Rubicon provided initial valuation analysis to assist the company in transaction negotiations with a publicly traded Taiwan semiconductor manufacturer. The company was acquired within the valuation range of the Rubicon analysis and moved to Taiwan. Rubicon subsequently concluded a fair value analysis report for financial reporting purposes for the Taiwan acquirer.

  • A California company with a laboratory division that provides testing for pathogens and toxins in a variety of food products required a valuation analysis of the division in order to evaluate a competitor’s proposal to acquire the division. Rubicon completed a financial valuation of the laboratory division to assist management in framing a response to the offer.
  • Valuation of an advertising agency performing media and marketing services in the Asian and Hispanic markets, primarily in Northern California. For purposes of a 50 percent share repurchase obligation, Rubicon provided a range of fair market value consulting analysis.

  • Valuation of a company with locations in the San Francisco Bay Area and China providing information technology (IT) employment outsourcing and placement services, as well as IT development, maintenance, migration, re-engineering, infrastructure and testing services to small and middle-market businesses and to Fortune 1000 companies in the U.S. and China. Rubicon’s analysis included a range of fair market value consulting analysis on a minority basis to assist management in recapitalization and transaction planning.

  • Valuation of a company engaged in marketing and public relations communications services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Rubicon provided minority-basis equity valuation consulting to assist management in planning regarding stock options for key personnel. 

  • Valuation of a company that operates two supermarkets in the Sacramento metropolitan area. Rubicon's recommendation was used by management to establish the value of a minority interest for estate tax reporting requirements.

  • Valuation of a New Jersey wireless amplifier manufacturer that sells its products primarily to the wireless segment of the telecommunications equipment industry. For merger and acquisition purposes, Rubicon provided a valuation analysis on a control interest basis for the potential buyer, a private wireless communications systems manufacturer.

  • Valuation of a ship repair company engaging in the repair and maintenance of marine vessels in the San Francisco Bay Area and selling its services primarily to the U.S. government, commercial shipping and transportation operators, and private boat owners. Rubicon identified a range of values to assist company management in providing stock options for key personnel.

  • Valuation of a leveraged Silicon Valley Sub-S Corporation ESOP for a materials analysis laboratory serving the semiconductor industry. Rubicon had previously provided a preliminary range of values and the initial valuation for the leveraged acquisition by the ESOP of common stock from major shareholders. Rubicon then valued this company at its plan-year-end with consideration for the tax benefits contributed by the ESOP. A few years later, this company signed a letter of intent to be acquired and Rubicon provided an opinion of "adequate consideration" to the ESOP trustee.

  • Valuation of an e-commerce start-up for a publicly traded computer supplies distribution company, which gave stock to key founders of the start-up and needed a valuation to address compensation issues. The start-up had no products or clients at the Valuation Date and was appraised by Rubicon based on its business plan and on an option-pricing analysis of comparable start-ups in their pre-IPO stages of development.

Financial Assets Valuation
  • Valuation of a domestic sugar cane refinery. Analyses by Rubicon produced two consecutive annual valuations of Common and Preferred minority interests in the refinery. Our recommendations were accepted by a publicly traded U.S. company and its public accountant as guidance for financial reporting of the impairment of long-lived assets.
Intangible Assets Valuation
  • Valuation of a "network marketing" sales system of an S corporation. The Intangible Assets involved Distributorship Agreements, which are considered Contract-Based Assets. Rubicon provided analyses for the valuation of the Agreements, as part of a going concern, on a marketable control basis. Our recommendations assisted the S corporation and its legal counsel in a litigation settlement agreement.

  • Valuation of Intangible Assets comprised of Developed Technology assets and a Contract-Based Asset acquired within a "short-form merger" of two public companies. The recommendations contained in Rubicon’s analyses were used to support the allocation of purchase price for tax and financial reporting. These Intangible Assets were developed and owned by an e-commerce Internet company engaged in the design, development, and sale of enterprise application software and services.

  • Valuation of acquired In-Process Research and Development (IPR&D) technology and human resource Intangible Assets of a Southern California "development stage" wireless communication company, which had been engaged in the design and development of an in-building wireless fiber optic antenna system. Rubicon's recommendations assisted a private wireless communications systems manufacturer with the allocation of purchase price among the assets of the acquired company for tax and financial reporting.
Options Valuation
  • Valuation of a Southern California, early-stage, venture-capital-funded, high-technology satellite communications company. Rubicon provided range of fair market value and options analysis on a fully diluted basis to assist management in planning the issuance of new options.
Trademark/Tradename Valuation
  • Valuation of Canada's largest brand name computer supply and accessory wholesaler. The valuation was prepared for a publicly traded U.S. company that had acquired two divisions of the Canadian company. Additional valuation consulting was provided to assist management in the allocation of acquired goodwill between the two divisions for financial and tax reporting purposes concerning Intangible Asset allocations as a result of the subsequent sale of one of the divisions.