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Sixty souls, this day, will arrange for travel to brighter
lands and bluer skies.
At sunset, two thousand will stop for a moment to watch
birds flying south.
In five thousand rooms the shades will be drawn, with the
lamps adjusted, the tables prepared, and the cards
arranged for solitaire.
This day, ninety-four will divorce, while thirty-three
persons meet great, though unexpected, financial
Twenty-one, on this day, will elect to die.
These are the figures incontrovertibly; such are the facts.
Sixty, two thousand, five thousand, ninety-four, thirty-
three, twenty-one.
Actuary of actuaries, when these ordained numbers shall
have been fulfilled at the scheduled hour,
What shall be done to prove and redeem them, to explain
and preserve them?
How shall these accounts be balanced, otherwise than in
personal flesh and blood?
By cold addition subtraction? And on what fiery
Because the need for an answer that is correct is very great.

~ Kenneth Fearing, New Yorker 15 Nov 1941;32.

(See Kenneth Fearing Complete Poems, edited by Robert M. Ryley,
National Poetry Foundation, 1994.)

Kenneth Fearing